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Includes battery, charger, activation card, service guide and user manual; This phone will only work with the Straight Talk $45/Day Unlimited Service Plan or 3/5(). Get access to helpful solutions, how-to guides, owners' manuals, and product specifications for your Galaxy Luna (Tracfone) from Samsung US Support. On the whole my battery still seems to last just as long as it used to, I get to the end of a day with % remaining on average. My Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Proclaim keeps locking up, I cannot do anything – I’ve removed the battery, let the battery completely go dead and recharge, – can you help? Thanks so much Brandon.

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I was recently in the market for a no-contract Android phone. It was time to upgrade. Straight Talk straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery had several Android phones available for some time now, but none of them had what I wanted.

Running on top of all that, the phone comes with Android 2. You can find more detailed specifications here. First off, the phone looks very sleek and stylish. The glass screen is curved at the top and bottom of the phone, and features capacitive touch navigation buttons. It has a 3. Two-button volume rocker and micro-sd card slot on the left side, power button on the right.

One night I was charging my phone on straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery bedside table, and I accidentally knocked it off. It smacked a sharp corner on my metal bed frame, causing this purely superficial damage you see to the right.

It takes many running applications to create any kind of noticeable sluggishness and even then the effect is minimal. The PowerVR SGX could be considered overkill for the relatively low resolution screen, but this means higher performance with fewer pixels to push. The network performance is pretty great as well.

WiFi of course is a superior connection where available, and this phone has no trouble taking advantage of all the available bandwidth. Cell coverage is excellent where I am at Philadelphia. The phone has yet to drop a call for me, even when travelling across the city via bus. I have had one issue to do with the mobile data connection however. If I receive a picture message from someone, or a message that is over the character limit, the content is treated as data. Unless my 3G is already turned on, the download never finishes, and I never receive the message.

It will continue infinitely downloading even if I turn 3G on after I hit the download button. I think this is a problem with the provider Verizon however as two of my friends who have Verizon and different phones have experienced similar problems, while other friends on the Sprint network have not.

It is not really bothersome to me, but I can see how it might annoy straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery people. When it happens, it generally only lasts a few seconds. When I ride my bicycle to or from work I usually start some music, max the volume, and stick the phone in my pocket.

This is just my experience with my daily routine of school and work, so your mileage may and probably will vary. I noticed this phone has a light sensor on the front, just left of the speaker. You can only see it under the right light and at first I thought it was a front facing camera disabled, maybe? Let me repeat that this phone does NOT have a front-facing camera! The light sensor allows for the automatically adjusting back-light setting on the power bar.

This helps a lot to save on battery and automatically compensate for changing lighting conditions. The camera on this phone is nothing to get excited straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery. The phone records video at p and aside from the lack of stabilization, is fairly good quality. I was wondering if you would answer a couple questions about this straight talk phone? I have not found many answers on their website. I am wondering what kind of apps come on the phone and it says there are a bunch of google apps available, is there a cost to download them?

Thanks for your help! The phone comes with the usual apps you would expect from an Android phone maps, email, contacts, music player, etc. You can download any available Android apps from the Google Play store just like any other Android phone. Some of the apps cost money, but most of them are free. I wanted to do a follow up with you regarding your Galaxy Proclaim.

Overall it has been a fantastic phone. Have you tried plugging the SD card in to something besides the phone? Maybe the card is dead, or perhaps the port on the phone. The only way to know is to try it in something else, straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery. If you can straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery it in a PC, try deleting the existing partitions and letting the phone re-format it. But I will definitely try plugging it into something else.

Thank you. My Verizon contract is up in December Yay. So I am thinking about moving to a smart phone. I am glad I came across your site, thank you! I will be bookmarking your site in case I have further questions and to quite possibly broaden my own horizons. I am having difficulty receiving pictures via messaging. Something else I need to do? How do you turn on 3G? And do you have to use this app to view your text messages straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery every time?

To turn on 3G, pull down the bar on the top of your screen to view your notifications area. You need to have 3G turned on to receive picture messages, so make sure this is so when you try to download them from either Handcent or the default SMS app.

So if you like it, then ideally you would use it always. So I have to have it turned ON to receive one? Also, how do I download music to it. Another question, is it smart to have malware app installed and if so, straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery, which one do you suggest? Thanks, I dig this phone and am glad I stumbled on your review. Thumbs up! I was wrong. I have to have my mobile data turned on to send a pic. Please tell me what is the significance of having mobile data on or off?

Does it matter on my usage? Thanks again. You need mobile data turned on to send AND receive pictures, as well as use the internet if WiFi is not accessible. Yes, sending and receiving pictures as well as browsing the web will use data. Any advice? From the camera? From MMS? From a computer? Any pictures you take with the camera are automatically saved to the SD card. Regardless of signal level, leaving the 3G modem on will drain battery faster than not leaving it on, straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery.

Ok so If I Want to download a pic from fb to your sd card how would you do that? And how do you save music? You can put music on your phone by connecting it as mass storage to your PC and then dragging your files to as if it were a flash drive. Or you could use Google music and stream it.

If you tap the picture on the facbook app then use the menu button at the bottom of the phone you can send the pic via text to your phone then save it from there. When you let go of the buttons, it will take a picture of the screen. When I plug my Proclaim in to charge, the charging data no longer appears on the display. Nor do I get an alert when charging is complete. The only way I can monitor charging is via Settings, About Phone. Anyone else having this issue?

Is there a solution? Very irritating. Might be a problem with the cable. There is a cord that is for charging only how stupid …. I had this problem too…. Yes, any pictures you take will just be saved on the phones internal memory. This phone only has 1GB built in though, so it will not hold very much. Yes, I upgraded with a Team 16gb Class 10 card and it works great, straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery.

I imagine any micro SD card up to 32gb should work fine, straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery. Thanks for a great review! I have one question however. I imagine they just listed all the Samsung smart phone devices in the tags to try and increase sales, but I wanted to know for sure if I already have the cable the StraightTalk Samsung Galaxy Proclaim uses on hand or if I will have to purchase a new one.


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straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim battery


Jun 17,  · The battery of this phone is also weak. It only offers a maximum of 6 hours of calls & a couple of weeks of standby time. On the other hand, the battery of Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk is removable so you can use a spare battery to prevent frequent charging. 5-in-1 Bundle For SAMSUNG i ILLUSION (VERIZON) Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Proclaim C SCH-SC - Blue Rubberized Hard Case Snap-on Cover + Clear LCD Screen Protector + Car Charger + Home Travel Charger + Sync USB Data Cable. Samsung Galaxy Proclaim™ " Save up to 30%” is based on a comparison of the monthly cost of the $55 Straight Talk Ultimate Unlimited Plan and the monthly cost of a comparable no-contract, single line plan with unlimited talk, text and data on the top two carriers. Excludes taxes, fees, autopay discounts and limited time pricing.